Madisons Jacket

by Bathroom Friends

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released February 22, 2015

Mixed & mastered by Arden Klawitter!



all rights reserved


Bathroom Friends California

music to make you feel nice :-)

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Track Name: Cactus Apocalypse
I don't want to eat anymore
I don't want to sleep anymore
I don't want to breathe anymore
Can you hear my mumbles
Through my door

It's the cactus apocalypse
And i'm taking pictures every minute of it
And the duplex you are living in
Has broken screens without a sound permit

I'm taking in every breath
Thinking I don't need it

Baby shining in the backyard and I
Don't think i'm going very far in this
World that's made up of sororities that scream
At all the dirt and the trees

It's the cactus apocalypse
And i'm loving every single minute of it
And you are standing in your empty room
With seven windows which one
Will you choose

I'm taking in every breath
Thinking I don't need it
Track Name: Contrast and Compare
Waiting on my doorstep
And you're antsy
Ready for the night
To come to a start
Giving everything you've
Got to answer
Familiar ringtones
Have gotten you off

And the springtimes always been
Your comfort
Winters not bad
And autumns a drag
All the clothes you wear
Have perfect colors
That surround your face
For a sweet embrace

And the picture of your
Neighbors dog
Makes you think of
Your sadness
I never thought it made sense
To have new friends

Let's contrast and compare
Track Name: Lanterns on the Sea
No thrill in what I used to do
When everything was you
Now nothings where it should be

The stars on my wall
Remind me of all
The things we used to be

With lanterns on the sea

I'd like to say I forgive you
And everythings alright
But that would be a lie

My mind is crowded with thing I don't understand
I need you in my hand

The sky during the day has a glowing warmth
My life starts to sink in

By night I feel for what it's worth
But the morning never is

I dance with people I don't know
and I try to accept myself
and what I can be

But you were me
Track Name: Not What I Came Here For
The grass is wet on my back
I cannot move an inch

I'm perfectly content
With lying here

The sky is covered by a cloud
I'm reaching for a sound
I cannot hear

The roses fall one more floor
I'm reaching for the door
To deliver what I came here for
Track Name: Don't Call Me Chick
My world is changing slowly
and everything around me
Needs care

I put a happy face on
and laugh until your memory's gone
You're not there

The day you broke my heart
You shot me up with pain
My world completely changed
Now I am not the same

I will never be the same
Track Name: Sand
Sand beneath our bodies
It's the sand beneath our hands

Sand will never break us
Only you and I till the end

Keep your three leaf clover
Don't let it beef left behind


Sand it heals the fractures
and moves me to enhance

Skies will pitch a tune
and the sun will warm the sand

People will change and alter
but the sand remains the sand


But I will never learn to love the Alps
and when I grow old I won't know how to run

So take me to the places I don't know
and I will learn
Track Name: Outwrd
I look at your face for a minute
Then at the ocean
Then back at your face

I take drags of your cigarette
Because I know it's the closet I'l get to your lips

It's strange how you can think that everything's ok
and then the tides rise and so do your feelings


and then you fall asleep in
Someone else's bed

Home is not where I intend to
Rest my weary head